We Save Planners Time & Energy

Imagine a world where events were seamlessly executed, sustainably designed, and technologically savvy. Now, imagine an event executioner who strategically leverages social media insights to create an atmosphere perfectly catered to your event’s needs. It’s a good thing dreams can actually come true.


Seamless Event Execution


We prepare for events scheduled in 30 days or less and “day of“ execution so you can stress less.


Gap Planning Analyses


We evaluate and provide consultation to determine vulnerable points, “cracks in foundation,” of an event’s design and strategy. 


Sustainability Resources

We provide evaluation of green sustainable event elements that meet or exceed brand expectations. We can also work with vendors to offer greener alternatives. 


So, why choose iSocialExecution? Simply put, we offer you something priceless – freedom. Under the leadership of Tess Vismale, we offer event planners the freedom to stop pulling their hair out trying to solve unexpected queries the day of their event. Instead, we are offering you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy your sustainable seamless event.